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0:56Staring in to a TRUE MIRROR!! 😦 #Shorts
23:51I Have 30 Mins to DEFUSE This Puzzle!!
22:32This JIGSAW Puzzle Hurts My Brain!!
This JIGSAW Puzzle Hurts My Brain!!Ganger 329 k14 dager siden
0:41Human Like Eyeball Looks REAL!!👀#Shorts
9:17Street Magic for Chris Rock!!
Street Magic for Chris Rock!!Ganger 265 k28 dager siden
13:46These Playing Cards Are UNREAL!!
These Playing Cards Are UNREAL!!Ganger 167 kMåned siden
12:22Can You Fit 10 Pennies in to That?!
Can You Fit 10 Pennies in to That?!Ganger 401 kMåned siden
22:45This Robot is Better Than Most Magicians!!
14:00Solving The World's FINEST Sushi Puzzles!!
24:01Solving A Puzzle That Could Be From Star Wars!!
17:43Solving a One of a Kind Mechanical LEGO Puzzle!!
14:53Solving TWO Super Rare Japanese Puzzles!!
Solving TWO Super Rare Japanese Puzzles!!Ganger 417 k3 måneder siden
15:28Solving The KEPLER Puzzle Challenge!!
Solving The KEPLER Puzzle Challenge!!Ganger 460 k4 måneder siden
11:15Solving The EPIC Victory Puzzle on a MOUNTAIN!!
14:48This UFO Puzzle might be my Favorite!!
This UFO Puzzle might be my Favorite!!Ganger 676 k4 måneder siden


  • If you don't know how this works and, or haven't atleast seen and semi grasp it. Your brain small.

  • I think I know where this is going.

  • where can i buy this I need to know

  • You lost it off the sides palio

  • Guess they found that missing part of chucky’s face

  • thats gojo satoru eyes right there

  • Plot twist: *it's real human skin*

  • Oh that's gross

  • Wtf, Japan


  • What if he installed a camera in it

  • The Triangles Looks Like Plugs For Some Reason-

  • Try it again

  • Yo what the fuck man

  • I wanna touch it but I dont wanna own it

  • ew

  • That’s amazing honestly

  • No burning “Sad Chris noises”

  • Where do you get it?

  • What about the other switch

  • But why? Why would you do that? Why would you do any of that?

  • Only in Japan

  • This would be a really good prop for a horror movie

  • Thanks, eye hate it.

  • This looks like something straight out of a "DON'T CALL PORTAL CUBE AT 3AM" type video

  • Me: *jujutsu kaisen noises*

  • that black things look like nipples

  • The first one tho- I need it

  • Interesting..

  • That’s some dark elder shit

  • wall of flesh rtx on:

  • ngl that first one is legit a butt plug as far as i’m concerned

  • Ooooooh, I hate it

  • “Yo let’s play some monopoly” “Holdup I gotta do my dices eye brows”

  • I just want to punch that eye 😫

  • Now we gonna see that in scary movies 🤣

  • I think it is a face control dice I think he was blinking or something it was him😂😂

  • Just imagine that but everywhere and alive

  • It feels unsatisfying

  • Minecraft Steve what did they do to you!?!?

  • Who’s dad is this? He’s on tik tock again

  • good video, im sorry for disliking but the uncomfortableness cannot be put into words and thats how i shall cope, take a like here instead: 👍

  • Da Vinki???

  • Ok have fun with your iNFiniTe chocolate that your gonna finish

  • Can we take a moment to realise some guy actually thought and made this abomination

  • Why does it look so real! The eyes look actually moist?

  • O man I’d love one of those to scare the f*** out of my mom. Just casually leave it on a table and then start controlling it while hidden somewhere. Record wailing and screaming. Post on NOwine.

  • you should credit the artist

  • Isn't that just that one stand in Jojo part 5. The rat that can shoot darts that melt flesh. It looks bassicly exactly like that.

  • Next they will make T-800 With artifical motor functions

  • I wouldn't even question it if junji Ito made this

  • So creepy

  • Gross but cool

  • Okay ima make history where can I get that

  • Be my heart

  • Asal muasal sextoys

  • Go to the reply section of this comment

  • I’m not gonna like that scared me more than any horror movie jumpscare has ever done

  • Me just looking at your tattos... sees the word crucio then sees the word avada kadavra... my brain wait what!!!! you like the harry potter seris

  • I want one

  • THE TRICK WORKED FOR ME!! That was cool! It seems like it works off of our i attention so blindsight.

  • Everyone gangster until it moves without the remote

  • In case people are actually interested the artist is @doooo_cds AKA @mother_factory on Instagram. The guy should have said this in the video, rather than just saying some Japanese artist. ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE!

  • Weirdly like it

  • Where can I get them and what are they called

  • Ohh noo steeves eyeballs

  • Me who has the YOU CANT CREAT OR REMOVE ATOMS:im five parallel universes ahead of you

  • He used the chocolate to create the chocolate

  • It’s the prison realm

  • Sounds like dream

  • Can I buy it?

  • I hate it

  • When you realize its a dice

  • Is anyone thinking about futaba in shinchan 😂

  • I’m ngl. I’d buy this

  • Kill me

  • I love it


  • For more information on the Futaba eyeball, please google “Futabu”!