The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

Publisert 30. mai. 2021
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  • It isn't a perfect rectangle, one of it's sides leans inwards

  • wait i'm dumb i actually don't get it

  • You’re welcome.

  • Theres an elevated pedestal for the the one with the bonus and the one without the bonus is below the pedestal it took me 2 views but there is a shallow end and an elevated sections on both sides of inside the box

  • Cuerdas

  • It's early 2010's tumblr all over again

  • It's a visual illusion. You can see on the sides inside the box that the chocolate bar is smaller. If he moved the bar to either left or right and then added the bonus piece, it would fit perfectly.

  • How antifa thinks communism works.

  • Um no lmao you can see that it no longer touches the border of "container"

  • when u just learned geometry

  • It is clearly the top piece that sits in the center when you open it..

  • Yep you totally just bended Tom's and electrons to your will and changed the reality yep XD not like the gaps in the chocolate bar are bigger or nything nope lmao

  • It’s the bonarctarski paradox

  • This is getting old and boring...

  • Just notice that area of chocolate is decrease from all the sides in such way that it creates illusion

  • The end of the box folds do it looks like it’s the same amount of chocolate as before, but it’s actually a little shorter

  • Teacher: "this is how you save food."

  • I mean everyone knows this trick by now. It's about time someone monitised it

  • Imagine if we can do this trick on other food like cheese it can probably solve world hunger

  • You would be surprised how big a area would be if you just took a few millimeters from each side

  • Ever heard of tetris? 😂

  • *drops philosopher stone by accident*

  • Yawn watch vsauce

  • The Banach-Tarsky paradox

  • I remember being impressed with this trick in 5th grade

  • Do it again then

  • It doesn’t that’s how... it’s smaller

  • Banach Tarski paradox.......

  • Still dont get how this works

  • Accually you made the chocolate 20% smaller

  • Yeah that's how conservation of matter works

  • It doesn’t all fit in there quite nicely lol we can all see that it wasn’t in the box, it was above it

  • Ok ok wheres the philosophers stone

  • Dude even my 5th grade daughter knows how it happened 😅

  • Can you eat that sorry my volume is down cuz I was supposed to be asleep heh

  • This is an extremely simple type of puzzle but it will forever fascinate me none the less

  • My brain hurts I don't know if its because of the video or the fact that I am up at 3:17 in the morning 😂🤣😅

  • All the vsauce fans know the trick behind your "bonus" piece, it doesn't fit snug, it's smaller...smaller by an entire bonus piece!! Lol

  • Melt it together, cut it the same way that was in the box and try it again, I’m curious

  • U changed the box lol

  • For people who don’t know, this is Chris Ramsey, he a magician of sorts and does puzzle videos He knows how this works, it’s just a fun video

  • Pretty obvious….

  • It still “shrinks” in size

  • it is an illusion you actually have a smaller rectangle that was cut like that for you to buy it and see if it actually has a bonus peice but your probavly better off with a. less expensive chocolate bar tho 😀

  • Take geometry again. Math solves all lifes problems, especially the really "hard" 1s' lol huh huh 😆

  • "Perfectly."

  • Wait if I were to take out the bonus piece and re melt the chocolate just to where it sticks together and re cut it to where I have a new bonus piece what would happen could I continue to do this or would it run out

  • Because its symmetrical and if you move one peace then the places go a different way but if u add the peace back then you move them around and it creates a full bar

  • All I gotta say is,”look at the edges of the box. It tells the whole mysterious story.”

  • It shrinks when put the together a certain way.

  • “I just created chocolate out of nothing” Me who watched a vsauce video about it: “You cannot trick me, peasant”

  • It's all about placement

  • If you don't know how this works and, or haven't atleast seen and semi grasp it. Your brain small.

  • You lost it off the sides palio

  • Try it again

  • Who’s dad is this? He’s on tik tock again

  • Ok have fun with your iNFiniTe chocolate that your gonna finish

  • Me who has the YOU CANT CREAT OR REMOVE ATOMS:im five parallel universes ahead of you

  • He used the chocolate to create the chocolate

  • Sounds like dream

  • Where did you get it? Please

  • I’ve seen this trip before but even still it’s super cool. Don’t try it with her shoes though because then your audience member we’ll see what’s happening easier.

  • Dude, just eat the extra piece of chocolate already! 🍫

  • You can literly see the gap on the right side after he put it in

  • The dna is so perfectly packed that a single line of dna of many meters can fit in a ver small pacage

  • Is your brain smooth Or do you think OUR brains are smooth

  • Lol you could buy this for a friend and maybe just eat the bonus piece They’ll never know cuz it still spells chocolate

  • "Hey Vsause Michael here!"

  • "And I'm left with....(self indulgent throat noises) a bone us piece here, I have a bonus piece of chalkclit" Its "chocolate" my dude

  • He didn't even bother to close in the gaps more together; lied about it fitting perfectly in there.

  • If you remove the bonus and get the chocolate closer it fits because the bonus is just an addition that can be removed

  • Dude keep that on tic tok

  • Nah.

  • Big up Vsauce

  • Banach-Tarski paradox

  • the only time I see someone complaining about a bonus piece of chocolate

  • plot twist:it was under all the chocolate

  • The bonus part was originally in the middle when you opened changing the pattern your left with the bonus chocolate and arranged chocolate complete bar.

  • It's not math. It's not geometry. It's called memory

  • You might be stupid but we are not...

  • Dude everyone already knows this trick it's actually a little smaller you just can't notice it.

  • What is this called, I must buy it!

  • It get smaller

  • “ ‘You cannot make actual creation happen or literally destroy a creationated thing.’ -some smart dude from centurions ago” -some commenter who almost knows a quote

  • This is why you stay in school kids


  • No you did not create chocolate out of nothing

  • It’s infinite Chocolate

  • You put it in differently

  • This is actually dumb if you count the pieces that were already in there was 6 but once he took it out thier was 5.😐

  • Man I’ve never seen that one before

  • Wha

  • You know I'm genuinely concerned and a bit scared you just altered my reality entirely thank you for that now I don't know what's right and what's wrong but if I have to guess this is wrong

  • Wait u lost me " I just created chocolate out of nothing" that right the lost me

  • When you see how they acutally fitted the bonus ;-;

  • Basically the chocolate is from the middle and all the pieces slide down your losing length but the ends stay straight

  • I need to process my brainnnnn

  • WHAT???? NO WAY!!!!!

  • Dude moved it to a different case lmao

  • It has the same amount still