The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

Publisert 3. juni. 2021
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  • Anyone can tell. Me the name of the last one??


  • Bro that's a triangle buttplug

  • Instructions too difficult caught my hand in garbage disposal.

  • The second one looks like it should be in doctor strange.

  • Where can I get these?

  • Where can i buy these??

  • Where can I buy these what are they called??????!!!!!!!

  • Millennium Puzzle is #1

  • The forbidden butt plug

  • Where does one get one??

  • We're did he get the last one


  • What are these called? Cant find them when i search for puzzles :(

  • I thought that first one was a butt flute

  • I loved puzzles i want all of them especially the second onr

  • my brain lagging

  • 1st one looks like if pyramid head was a butt plug

  • Whoever made this should be a wanted man for discovering the fourth dimension

  • Pagal...fuddoo contAaaaant

  • I thought it said most terrifying

  • Naw fr what is the first one called

  • Eeee nice ig

  • These don't look physically possible

  • Wicked buttplug collection bro!

  • Thought they were buttplugs lol

  • I can casually put them in my ass

  • The first ones are some kind of plugs 🤔

  • I have number 1

  • Rubiks cube got competition 🙄

  • What is the first puzzle name

  • For sure getting the triangle one for me and my girl

  • Looked like butt plugs at 1st

  • Can someone tell me where I can order the last puzzle heart for my gf?

  • Anyone know where to buy these???

  • Those puzzles looks like ancient powerful artefacts

  • I have the second one

  • The Triangles Looks Like Plugs For Some Reason-

  • Where do you get it?

  • The first one tho- I need it

  • ngl that first one is legit a butt plug as far as i’m concerned

  • Be my heart

  • Go to the reply section of this comment

  • Where can I get them and what are they called

  • Where do you find these???

  • You unearned yourself a like due to the fact that my OCD could NOT handle that you could not reset the second one back lol

  • The one with the sphere in the middle was my first puzzle ever

  • I thought that was a butting

  • Where can I get these!?!? I need a link.

  • Where can purchase selection from?

  • ohh you’re the big trick energy dude-

  • I can think that the 3rd puzzle is used as a necklace Design

  • I’ve had the second one for years

  • Where can I get all three of the puzzles?

  • Very cool. Where can I purchase those?☺💜👍

  • For whatever reason the second one with the sphere reminded me of the box from Hellraiser

  • All of them have cool shapes and look awesome, but why is the last one kind of two ovals together? Wierd shape

  • How I get this???

  • Why waste money on that shit, satisfying? Like purchasing a head fuck for no good reason

  • How is that broken leg

  • Whats the third one? Perfect gift for a girl fr fr

  • These are the three most satisfying… puzzlesintheworld

  • How and where can I get the 💙 puzzle one..?

  • Ok ok, I can't be the only one who thought the first ones were butt plugs

  • Where do I get the heart one?

  • The last is easy

  • Nice tattoos

  • Can u send the names?

  • The first and last one was so easy I figured it out before he even moved them. Nothing satisfying about completing something that isn't challenging

  • What's the first one called plz tell me so I can get it I have the second one though

  • Forbidden butt plug

  • The forbidden butt plug

  • Random 16 yo boys: I can do that easy bruh you cappin🙄

  • Where can i buy the first one?

  • forbidden anal plug

  • Where can I buy those

  • I can feel the joy in this man voice.

  • Damm is this so voodoo magic

  • The 💁‍♂️ please like this video made me push that like button!!

  • Lemme guess: These were made by japanese

  • Aren't those buttplugs?

    • That is so cool i wish i hade one

  • I liked and subscribed and shared can you please give me a shout out I love your vid’s

  • I would be too afraid to break them

  • bro I'm freaking out because the last one too good ☠️ and it's 6:25 am 👏😌

  • Where can i buy this? I hope Philippines has this stuffs, Mostly the last one i wanna buy that for me and my BFF OMG

  • I want the last one. When I fall in love one day I can put our first initials on there and whenever we hold hands I could put the two together if I position it right.

  • they be like the active site of an enzyme

  • Ayy bro why you have Alex from Minecrafts toys

  • The stuff is so fun most people might think Xbox is better but when your power is turned off during the biohazards which is called a severe thunderstorm or tornado this is all you got because you got no f****** power.

  • Link for the heart one?


  • Kool

  • Those are so amazing I wish I had one

  • That is so cool i wish i hade one

  • Where can I buy these 4 dimensional butt plugs?

  • Where can I find?

  • Where can I buy lust one?!

  • i seen those first ones in my sisters drawer and they smelt awful